Thailand Blog – business & travel

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 Thailand Blog – business & travel.

Quick overview of thai-nomad,com was launched on the 27th of July 2016. My intentions for this site are  twofold:

  1. I intend to put together a content-rich, general information website about Thailand. Topics will include – travel in Thailand, living in Thailand, business in Thailand, working in Thailand, teaching English in Thailand, Marriage in Thailand, crime in Thailand, the sex industry in Thailand.
  2. I intend to promote online business and share online money-making ideas and strategies for generating online income through affiliate websites. I also intend recommending quality affiliate partners that work well for me, and other legitimate ways of generating money online through marketing on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, tumblr,  pinterest, and google+.

I am working on the business side of at the moment -marketing and affiliate link building – to try and get the website running smoothly and generating some income. Afterwards I intend to work on the content and expand the website.

My first business idea is as follows:

If owning and operating an affiliate website is something that interests you, then try brainstorming with your family or friends for ideas you can develop online, and then design and publish your own website with WordPress.
‘for more on WordPress see my blog post here

WordPress is a free open-source content management system which allows you to construct easy and effective websites quickly without the need for specialised web design skills.

Look on youtube for WordPress design tutorials.

A recommended hosting solution would be SiteGround –  one of the few recommended web hosts.
‘for more on WordPress & SiteGround see my blog post here

Chok dee (good luck), and stay tuned!

Ray (

‘People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.’

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2 thoughts on “Thailand Blog – business & travel”

  1. What you are doing seems well constructed, thought out and a great proponent for those interested in Thai life and all aspects of its culture. I,l be interested to see how things progress. Good luck friend.

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