Pattaya, Pattaya Park Tower, Thailand

Pattaya – Goodbye Action Cam

Pattaya – Goodbye Action Cam
So… it was our last day in Pattaya before heading for Bangkok. My twelve year old son wanted to try the ‘Pattaya Park Tower Jump’ – a 180m high zip line from the 56th floor of the tower down to ground level. I had done the jump a few years before and knew it wasn’t for the faint of heart, but my son – despite being only twelve, was an experienced hill-climber in Scotland and he wasn’t afraid of heights. We had checked into the Areca Lodge Hotel on 2nd Road which wasn’t far from Pattaya Park. We made our way over to the tower on a motorbike I had hired and paid the 400 Baht per person, admission and jump fee.


The lift only took a minute or so to ascend the tower to the 55th floor where customers are offered a free orange juice in a tired and bland-looking, 360º observation deck with dirty, plastic windows. I knew the view was better up in the open-air 56th floor where you do the jump from, so we quickly tanned our orange juice and battered up the stairs.
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We spent a few minutes gazing out over Pattaya and Jomtien Bay as we prepared ourselves mentally for the jump. The view from the 56th floor is spectacular. I pointed out to my son any notable Pattaya and Jomtien landmarks that I recognised, including that of my old apartment building – the ‘Thepthip Mansions’ in Jomtien, which is only a few hundred metres across from the Tower.


Ready and willing to get on with the jump, we make our way over to the harness guy who fits and tests your harness for you by hanging you on a hook and telling you to lift your feet up. The jump staff don’t mess about in case you get ‘cold feet’ and decide to back out, and before you know it you’re being pushed up to the jump platform and over the edge.

‘Dad,’ my son says, ‘as we’re being ushered up the stairs: ‘you take the camera… I’ve got nowhere to put it’ – he holds out my daughter’s new action cam and I quickly take it and clip it onto my belt. Wham, bam, bump and I was over edge. I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched the brand new action cam sail through the air, falling at free-fall speed towards the flat roof hundreds of feet below me. ‘You f#cking c#nt!’

pattaya tower jump

I went in and told them at the front desk about what had happened, and that my camera was on the roof – they nonchalantly waved me away and were generally unhelpful. I knew the camera would’ve been shrapnel so I didn’t argue. I have since bought her a new one.

So – back to the tower… ‘The jump was exhilarating,’ and despite having to watch my daughter’s new £120 action cam fade from view as it plummeted earthwards, I’d still recommend that if you’re ever in Pattaya, and have a head for heights, and are looking for something to do, then the Pattaya Park Tower jump – for 400 Baht, is worth a visit.

Safe travels… Ray –

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Pattaya - Goodbye Action Cam (1)
Pattaya – Goodbye Action Cam (1)

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Pattaya Park Tower Thailand rides from the top by ChasidyPettis

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20 thoughts on “Pattaya – Goodbye Action Cam”

  1. Good for your son! Sounds like a brave kid. So sorry about your camera. That’s a miserable feeling, but seems like you made the best of it, even with that expensive mishap.

  2. Wow your son sounds like he’s got some guts! It’s a shame about your daughter’s camera, but material possessions mean nothing when compared to the memories you make, and it really seems like you’re making some bloody great ones with your kids!

    1. Yes, Rhiannon, he’s a brave boy – not so good about the camera, but – as you say, material possessions mean nothing compared to the memories we make. Thanks for commenting and good luck on your travels!

  3. Kudos to you and your son for taking the leap! I credit my dad with helping me to become more fearless — ever since he took me on a roller coaster at age six, I’ve been more willing to try new things (whether it’s zip lining, paragliding, or eating exotic foods). Sorry to hear about your daughter’s camera; that would have stressed me out too. On a side note, I thought it was hilarious that they offered free orange juice instead of water — a nice upgrade!

    1. My son is a mild-mannered boy but he is strong at heart and up for anything, Julianne. He is a good footballer (as is my daughter) and he is as fit as a fiddle; from a young age he has been climbing mountains and he loves Issan (in the northeast of Thailand) because his grandfather lets him ride his motorbike up there. Glad you enjoyed the post, and happy to hear that you have a cool dad. The orange juice was like orange coloured water! Good luck and safe travels!

  4. I cringed a little when I read the title of this blog post – that really sucks that you lost your camera but I’m sure it makes for great memories with your kids! 😉 I knew a little bit about Pattaya but didn’t realize it was such a big city!

    1. Hi Lydia, Pattaya doesn’t have the best reputation but it’s not all bad, thankfully. My son loved the tower jump and he’s half Thai so he’s witnessed the dark side of Thailand before and isn’t really fazed by it. Thanks for commenting. Safe travels!

  5. So great you had that experience with your kids! I’m sure it made it that much better! Sorry about the camera! It’s always the most prized possession especially for a traveler.

  6. I’ve never heard of anything like this before, but it looks super fun! So sad to hear about your camera, seems like occurrences like that also happen to me while traveling as well. Glad you guys had a good time even with the bit of bad luck!

  7. This looks awesome! They have something kind of like this in Japan but it was more of a straight drop and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I would definitely do this though, it looks like a blast!

  8. Oh my goodness: looks like such a scary experience- I think that your son may be a lot braver than me! I can imagine the views must have been even more beautiful in person as well! 🙂

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