make money online - owning and operating a blog or website

How to make money online – owning and operating a blog or website

How to make money online – owning and operating a blog or website

3 essential components for launching yourself into the world of affiliate marketing.

What if I told you that I could give you a map? A treasure map, to be more precise. A map that had the potential to open doors that you’d only ever dreamed about?

What if I told you that the map was real, for sure… 100% – but that the treasure was far from where you are now, and that you could only access it after a long, arduous journey?

Would you still be interested?

If the answer to that question is ‘YES’, then read on…

How to make money online

Mental stamina is one of the most important components to being successful. If you talk to any successful individual, they will surely tell you that having the ability to go that one step further than the next man, is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Perseverance, a desire for knowledge, self-motivation, and patience – are other attributes that can help you locate that all elusive treasure that’s out there waiting for you. Thankfully, you don’t need to be born with the above attributes, and they can all be learned and built upon.

I am an advocate of online business but I am not one of these people that make it sound easy. Building an online business is hard work – if if you are interested in how to make money online ,and you are enthusiastic and put the effort in, then there is no reason why you cannot realise your dreams. If you have ever thought about how to make money online, then the following article will help you get started on doing just that…

How to make money online

Note: there are affiliate links in this article to products and services that I endorse. If you click on any of these links and purchase a product or service, I will receive commission. All products and services on this blog are quality products or services that I personally use and recommend. If you find this information useful and decide to start up a website with WordPress web hosting (which I hope you do) then I would be much obliged if you could click through on my links to check out the products or services that they point to. All the products or services on this website are value for money – I am confident about that. If you decide to buy something after looking, then I wish you ‘good luck’ with all your online endeavours; if you decide not to buy anything, then that too is your choice. Again – I wish you ‘good luck’ too.

Raymond @ (thai-nomad)

How to make money online

The following article is a basic overview of WordPresswebsite hosting – and affiliate niche marketing

3 essential components for launching yourself into the world of affiliate marketing.

Component number 1:
You need to know about WordPress. WordPress is a free open-source content management system that powers many of the blogs and websites that you see on the internet today, including this one. In layman’s terms – WordPress is a website builder. If you are reading this article then I will assume that you have little or no experience in web design; for that reason I will keep it simple – which is lucky, because I could not expand on WordPress in any great detail anyway, and that’s the point.

I am not a WordPress expert. But I can build blogs and websites with WordPress. With all the WordPress tutorials on Youtube, learning how to build websites with WordPress is easy. Seriously – I learned the basics in about a week. There are WordPress tutorials on youtube that show you how to build a basic website or blog in 10 minutes. If you are interested in creating your own blog then you need to know about WordPress…

Click on this link for videos on youtube about – ‘how to build a WordPress website for beginners

Okay – so we’ve established that WordPress is a ‘website builder’.

Now,  a website or blog needs a web host if it is to be viewed on the internet. A web host company allocates you storage on a server where you publish (or upload) your blog or website to. The web host company then provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage/blogpost to be viewed on the Internet.

WordPress is free – always a good thing! But web hosting – quality WordPress web hosting – is not. Next thing to find out about is WordPress web hosting.

WordPress Web hosting is component number 2:
There are loads of web hosting companies out there and the competition is fierce amongst them. Many web hosting companies offer quality packages with extras and WordPress addons along with quality customer service; others offer basic packages claiming to be WordPress web hosting friendly but many of them are not – especially for a beginner, and although they may be cheap, they are often times slower and sometimes unreliable. Like everything else in this world, you get what you pay for, and prices vary from package to package and company to company.

The WordPress web hosting for thai-nomad is £9.95 per month. The company I use are called SiteGround – they are one of a few recommended hosts. SiteGround is an ideal web hosting solution for a beginner, and every SiteGround plan comes with a free WordPress install and domain name included. A startup plan at SiteGround is a fraction of what I pay. See banner below.

Web Hosting

Okay – so you’ve clicked on my links and you’ve purchased a WordPress web hosting package (hypothetically speaking), and now you need to sit down and build your blog or website.

First of all, if you are monetizing your blog, then you need to work out what kind of product or service that you can sell on it.

For example, on this website (thai-nomad) if you click on one of my links and purchase WordPress web hosting from SiteGround, then I have just sold you web hosting through my website. Therefore, my product – in this instance, is WordPress web hosting. It is important to always sell something that you believe is a quality product or service, as it is much easier to sell something when it is a proper, genuine ‘good-value’ for money product or service.

The most successful affiliate websites operate in what are known as ‘niche markets’. ‘Niche marketing’ targets a specific part of an ‘overall market’. For example, (hypothetically speaking, again) the market is ‘CARS’. Now a niche marketer knows that the ‘big boys’ have already got that ‘overall market’ sewn up, so the niche marketer decides to target a specific area of ‘CARS’, which, in this example is ‘LUXURY CARS’, a relatively small but well-defined part of the ‘overall market’ (and a high commission payout too). Basically, the strategy is aimed at being a big fish in a small pond, as a pose to being a small fish in a big pond.

If it sounds confusing at this stage – don’t worry, it isn’t really. Self-motivated, online entrepreneurs make money with affiliate ‘niche marketing’ websites every day on the internet. You can learn more about ‘niche marketing’ on youtube – again, there are loads of tutorials on the subject. And unless you’re a complete ‘fraggle’, you’ll pick it all up in no time.

Ok – so assuming you’ve picked a product and watched a few youtube ‘beginners’ tutorials on ‘building WordPress websites’ and ‘affiliate niche markets’, it’s now time to start thinking about building your website or blog. If you opt/opted for SiteGround as your web hosting solution, then – as a recommended web host, you will already have WordPress installed when you sign into your admin section.

After logging into your admin section, open up another tab on your browser – go to youtube, and type in ‘how to build a wordpress website for beginners’ – choose a video, and follow the instructions…

Click on this link for videos on youtube about – ‘how to build a WordPress website for beginners

How long it takes to create and develop your website is up to you. I can usually get a small niche marketing site up and running within a month. When I say up and running I mean the structure, layout, and content (copy) are more or less finished, and other than a few re-writes and tweaks here and there, I’m almost ready to start marketing. A good affiliate ‘Pay per Click’ program to remember for your website at this stage is Chitika . When it comes to ‘Pay per Click’ Google Adsense are ‘top dogs”; however, not every website is accepted into Google Adsense and Chitika make a good alternative for a beginner who wants to monetise their website.

Component number 3 is marketing your website:
Social media platforms like facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, and Google+ can all be utilised as effective marketing tools for your website.

Campaigns to market websites through social media platforms usually focus on efforts that attract attention and encourage followers or friends to share content with their social networks. One way to build your following and get more traffic to your website or blog is to join facebook groups within your chosen subject. For example, this blog is essentially a travel blog, so I have joined facebook ‘travel blogger’ groups. In these groups, we all help each other by sharing posts or commenting on each other’s blogs (with a link back to our own blogs), which, in turn help to build backlinks and more exposure for your blog.

If you do a quick search on youtube you’ll find loads of videos about how to use ‘facebook for affiliate marketing’, twitter for affiliate marketing ‘tumblr for affiliate marketing’, ‘pinterest for affiliate marketing’, and ‘Google+ for affiliate marketing’. There are other social media platforms out there today such as ‘StumbleUpon’ and ‘Niume’  – which you should utilise also.

So… that’s it, basically! But don’t expect to make any significant money in your first year, a blog or website takes time to nurture and develop – and market. And this is where the aforementioned attributes come into play – if you think you can get self-motivated, and stay motivated – if you think you can nurture a desire for knowledge, and persevere, and practice patience – then I urge you to dip your toe into the digital ocean that is the internet today, and sign up at SiteGround; a year from now – if you knew how easy building a blog or website could be – you’d be wishing you had signed up today.


I hope this article has turned a light on in your head, and if it has – then good luck… because there’s treasure out there waiting for you…

Chok Dee (good luck)…


‘Each day we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.’

Make Money OnlineOwning & Operating a blog
Make Money OnlineOwning & Operating a blog

How to make money online – owning and operating a blog or website

Web Hosting

Note: All the information in this document comes from thai-nomad,com. thai-nomad is a practical information resource for all the would-be wanderers of the world out there; for those who are interested in working and surviving financially in Thailand – or anywhere else in the world for that matter – long or short term, the information within the website applies globally.

I am an advocate of online business. No other line of work in the world will give you the same level of freedom afforded to that of the internet entrepreneur. I make no secret about the fact that this document – how to make money online – contains affiliate links, and if you click on any of these links and purchase a product or service then I will receive commission, at no extra cost to your good-self.

All the products or services that I endorse, I personally use. The web hosting that I have partnered with provide my web hosting. SiteGround– they are a quality company and one of the few recommended web hosting solutions out there that offer integrated WordPress web hosting.

Amazon are another one of my affiliate partners – I use Amazon all the time to buy books and electronics.

Agoda – one of Asia’s leading online hotel reservation companies; I use Agoda to book a hotel for a couple of nights whenever I’m flying into Bangkok. I can assure you – the prices online don’t really differ much from the ‘walking in off the street’ prices, and it can even be cheaper, if specials and deals are on offer.

The books on the book section – I have read them all. I recommend you read them – they are good books.

Rest assured, anything endorsed on this website by is value for money.


How to make money online

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