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Budget Trekking in Nepal - Budget traveler's trekking kit for Nepal...

Budget Trekking in Nepal – Budget traveler’s trekking kit for Nepal…

Budget Trekking in Nepal - budget travelers trekking kit for Nepal

Budget Trekking in Nepal – Budget traveler’s trekking kit for Nepal – what you’ll need – backpack, sleeping bag, clothes, first aid kit, electronics/gadgets

I’m a budget traveler. Budget traveling isn’t necessarily surviving on bread and water whilst on the road (although I’ve had my moments throughout the years), it’s traveling wisely – with decent gear that does the job, rather than with expensive gear that’ll break the bank. Budget traveling is flying on cheap economy flights with stopovers (sometimes long ones), rather than opting for expensive, first-class, hassle-free direct flights. As a budget traveler, Presidential Suites are out, and clean, basic, no-frills accommodation are in.

In my experience, you – as a traveler – are more likely to interact with the locals and experience what life is like for them if you stay amongst them, than if you were to stay in a swanky, luxury resort or hotel. As a budget traveler, however, sometimes I splash out a bit and treat myself – especially at the start or end of a trip – just to experience (a little bit) of how the other half live. See my idea of splashing out at the Mount Kailash Resort Pokhara

The same goes for travel gear. I would love all the latest gadgetry and gear – the best backpacks and sleeping bags – the best top brand name boots and cameras and clothes. But I’m not a rich man and need to shop wisely. Thus the reason for budget trekking in Nepal…

In 2012 I trekked the Annapurna Circuit over 17 days – it blew my mind! Nepal is such a beautiful country. Every time you turn your head another picture postcard opportunity is before you. And the people are amazing – friendly, hospitable, and generous (even although the majority of them are poor – poor in material terms that is, not spiritually ). This October (2017) I am going back to Nepal to trek to the Everest Base camp (EBC).

The following list is a budget traveler’s trekking kit for Nepal – this is the kit that I will be using for my upcoming trek in October. All of this kit has been tried and tested by me and will keep you safe, warm, and secure on any trekking trip to Nepal without wiping out your bank account and leaving you broke. Amazon links have been provided to my kit if available –  where my kit is not available, alternative links have been provided to updated products.

The following list is handy for those of you who would like to trek Nepal and are unsure of ‘what to bring’, as well as ‘what NOT to bring…’

. Lightweight Hiking Boots – Karrimor Bodmin Mid IV Weathertite
2. Lightweight trainers – Karrimor Mens Duma D30 Lightweight Running Shoes 
3. Goose Down Jacket – The North Face Nuptse Down Jacket
4. Lightweight waterproof/windbreaker Jacket – Regatta Men’s Pack It II Jacket
5. Lightweight trekking trousers x 2 – Mr.Stream Hiking Men’s Slim Quick Drying Trousers micro Stretch
6. Lightweight (quick dry) short-sleeved t-shirts x 3 – Berghaus Men’s Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tech Tee
7. Lightweight (quick dry) long-sleeved t-shirts x 1 – Berghaus Men’s Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tech T-Shirt – Black/Drak Grey, Medium
8. Underwear x 3
9. Thermal Underwear x 2
10. Trekking socks x 3 – 3 Pairs of Hiking Coolmax Crew Socks – Outdoor Trekking Sock with Wicking Ventilating Mesh Cushioned Padding Design – Temperature Controlled 
11. Shorts x 1
12. Gloves x 1 – Highlander Banff Waterproof Gloves – Black
13. Woolen hat x 1
14. Sun hat x 1

. Backpack – Vango Sherpa 60+10 Rucksack
2. Sleeping bag – Vango Ultralite Pro 300 (Synthetic bag NOT down – bulkier and heavier than a down sleeping bag but warm enough for high altitude trekking)
3. Dry bag 40L – Waterproof Dry Bag by MountainShack  – 40 L
4. Sunglasses – Julbo Drus Spectron 4 Sunglasses One Size Silver

. Toothbrush & Toothpaste
2. Soap
3. Microfibre towel – Mountain Warehouse Microfibre Travel Towel – Large 130x70cm

1. Headtorch (led) – Vansky – USB Rechargeable LED Head Torch, with White & Red Lights, Waterproof
2. Torch (led) – Vansky – Led Torch Pocket Torch 800 Lumen Cree XML2 T6 Adjustable Focus Tactical Flashlight Zoomable Led Light Water Resistant Camping Torch
3. Camera – Canon SX710 PowerShot Point and Shoot Digital Camera – Black
4. Unlocked mobile phone – Apple iPhone 5s  16GB (UK Version) SIM-Free Smartphone
5. Powerbank (for charging headlamp, camera and phone) – Varta Family Power Bank 16,000 mAh for tablets, mobile phones, MP3 players

First Aid Kit
1. Lip balm
2. Vaseline
3. Diamox (Acetazolamide) – to prevent and reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness
4. Paracetamol (acetaminophen)
5. Band aids
6. Water purification tablets (iodine)
7. Antiseptic cream and antiseptic hand cream
8. Sunscreen

1. Spare boot laces
2. Spare batteries – camera, headtorch, and torch
3. Swiss Army Knife – Victorinox Huntsman Pocket Knife

High Altitude Travel Insurance – World Nomads – High Altitude Travel Insurance

I have tried and tested all the kit listed above and recommend it to those who would like to trek Nepal but don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive top of the range products.

Hope you find this post helpful. Good luck with all your endeavours… Raymond (thai-nomad.com)

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Budget Trekking in Nepal – Budget traveler’s trekking kit for Nepal – what you’ll need – backpack, sleeping bag, clothes, first aid kit, electronics/gadgets

Budget Traveler’s trekking list… what you’ll need

Budget Trekking in Nepal – Budget traveler’s trekking kit for Nepal – what you’ll need – backpack, sleeping bag, clothes, first aid kit, electronics/gadgets

‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started.’
– Mark Twain

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